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Wij zijn nu gevestigd in Assen aan: Vaart Noordzijde 36 - 9401GN ASSEN

Translation: Newspaper article "Rositta" Emmen.nu The Netherlands.


Impressive results Rosacea and Acne treatment

She can read human skin like a map. Her name is Rositta Kaijser, this 53-year-old
woman has owned a successful beauty parlour in Roswinkel for many years now.
Here impressive results have been achieved with skin disorders like Rosacea, eczema
and Acne. These results are so special, that nowadays her name is famous far beyond
the little town of Roswinkel. She is able to cure ninety percent of her clients suffering
from Acne and Rosacea, which is remarkable because these skin disorders are
difficult to treat, and as a result of which many people's hopes have faded to nothing.

"It can have a major impact on a person's happiness. Some people avoid going
outdoors," Rositta tells in the cosy kitchen of her farm in Roswinkel. She serves
coffee and cake and gives an example: "Some time ago I treated a woman with
Rosacea who had suffered for 12 years. Because of her difficult skin condition she
was not able to endure wind, sun or snow. I have been treating her for two weeks,
after which the Rosacea condition disappeared. She promptly went on winter sports.
She looked glorious and radiant as never before". She continues: "A lot of people who
have already tried everything finally come to me. Ninety percent of my clients
recover from Rosacea, eczema or Acne and are released from this disfiguring and
often painful condition. In ten percent of the cases the cause of these skin disorders
can possibly be a hormonal or physical condition. Then I cannot do anything. I only
treat the skin."

Her unique treatment has already aroused worldwide interest. Requests from all over
Europe reach her (rositta@ziggo.nl), but also from New Zealand, the USA and
Canada. People from abroad are so curious that they try to translate her client reviews
on http://link.marktplaats.nl/123422041 (very positive). "There is a group of people
with Rosacea from Norway who have undergone all possible medical treatment.
Every year they go on holiday to an address where they hope to be treated
successfully. This summer they are all planning to come to my parlour. They have
translated all the reviews on "Marktplaats" and have high hopes again. Grateful
clients have given me permission to publish their photos on my website, so people can
compare 'before- and after' my treatment."

It is unfortunate that the village of Roswinkel is not situated centrally in the country.
Because of the distance clients may find it difficult to travel that far. "Two and a half
hours there and back, that is quite a lot. But most people often stay in the
neighbourhood on a campsite, in a hotel or in a B&B. Some are not that privileged.
Rositta finds this sad: "I would like to help a lot more people. Because there are so
many people suffering from these skin disorders. This is often life disrupting, it has an
enormous impact on people's social lives, especially among young adults."

Her treatment: "The Rositta Method" – which she obviously does not want to disclose
– is based on a range of treatments supported by a product and is the result of more
than 20 years of development of knowledge and expertise. "However, the product is
not effective without the treatments. It is no peeling, mask or massage. There are no
advanced devices involved either, such as laser or IPL, but it is a very ingenious
labour-intensive treatment. Safe and effective. Clients can feel what is happening
but can’t make out what I am doing."

The treatment, which takes an average of two weeks, is accompanied by nutritional
advice. Experience shows that some foods trigger Rosacea and Acne, such as pork
and marinades, cheese, nuts, chocolate, whipped cream, fat, coffee and alcohol. These
products should be avoided during the 14-day treatment. Clients are also advised to
avoid intense emotions such as anger and excitement. This also means no sport, no
heavy work, no extreme temperatures nor cold nor wind. "The skin is already very
vulnerable. And some food makes people react allergic", Rositta explains.

The ANBOS (General Dutch Branch Organization Beauty Care) have recognized her
degrees in Cosmetology and Hygiene she obtained in Georgia (GE).
The astonishingly good results have not been left unnoticed by a number of
dermatologists and GPs, who refer patients to her. Most health insurers reimburse a
substantial amount of the cost of her treatment.

By her clients Rositta is described as sympathetic, understanding and very skilful, she
takes all the time for her clients. More information plus results and reviews of clients
can be found at: www.rosacearositta.nl